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Hair transplant cost

The costs of a hair transplant are difficult to specify in advance. It depends, among other things, on the quality of the donor area, the method of treatment and the number of transplanted grafts. Only during the free consultation can we exactly address the feasibility of your requirements and the thereby determine the costs. In any case, our prices are experienced by our clients as extremely competitive.

How do you calculate the cost of your surgery?

The cost depends on:

  • Place of treatment on the head/body
  • Hair density, i.e. the number of hairs per cm²
  • Type of intervention: FUT (Strip Method) or FUE

We charge per graft, not per hair. What is the difference between a graft and a hair? Each hair has a root that may be shared with 1, 2 or (sometimes) 3 other hairs (in Asians usually 1 or 2). All of these hairs are located in the same hair follicle.
Thus, 1000 grafts could contain 2000 hairs.

Are the prices of HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center reasonable?

There are significant price differences between treatments in Western Europe, the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, China and Thailand. These differences are partially caused by exchange rates, standard of living and general price level. What ultimately matters is the experience of the clinic and its employees and the confidence that you have in them. Thailand is well known for its very high quality, extremely affordable medical care and this is why it has been a popular destination for medical tourism for years.

Are there any additional charges or discounts?

If you confirm your surgery within 1 month after your consultation and make a deposit of 30% of the scheduled transplant, you will receive a 10% discount on the total treatment.
Treatment costs for a hair transplant include use of the operation theatre, medications, initial follow-up, wound care and cleaning, removal of sutures and three additional follow-ups.
Costs for the prescription of Propecia or other hair care products are not included.

Do I have to pay for extra grafts?

I heard from someone who had to pay for extra grafts that were taken during the operation but were not used and were simply destroyed. Is this a common practice?

It is very difficult with the FUT (strip method) to know the exact number of grafts that need to be harvested. In general, surgeons harvest slightly more than the agreed number of grafts. However, this depends on the respective clinic if the client is charged for the small number of additional grafts. We, as hair transplantation professionals, NEVER charge patients extra costs for changes that occur in the midst of surgery. This is because we strive for a perfect result and moreover we find this practice unethical. Most importantly, we realize how scarce donor hairs often are and we will never discard them, not even one!

Why undergo a hair transplant in Thailand?

Why should I undergo a hair transplant in Thailand when this might be cheaper in China, for example?“

Choosing a hair clinic requires that you find the combination of price and quality that is right for you.
We are quite often frequented by patients who are very dissatisfied with the result of a previous hair transplant that they had, for which they paid a little less. After their previous treatment, these patients greatly regretted having saved on costs at the expense of quality. Indeed, a poorly performed first surgery may jeopardize the quality of subsequent interventions. One of the reasons is that the first surgery may have unbalanced the skin tension on the scalp. You should furthermore realize that a hair transplant is more than just surgery; it is a combination of applied art and science. Ultimately, it is up to you to judge whether you trust your hair transplant surgeon. He must be a precise, conscientious person and have the patience to perform the procedure in detail over and over again. He must also be ambitious enough to want to be the best. Finally, he must combine his surgical skills with sufficient artistic insight and feeling.

How will I know the number of grafts that I will need per session?

There is a simple arithmetic sum to determine how many grafts you will need:

  • Spot treatment (cm²) x the number of hair follicles per cm²
  • Assuming about 70 hair follicles per cm² , there will be an excellent cosmetic result if we transplant about 25-35 follicles per cm²



The written guarantee applicable to the treatment given is the following:

  • If during the treatment more grafts than agreed are transplanted, there is no charge for these additional grafts; less placed grafts are reimbursed.
  • A minimum growth of 90% of the implanted grafts (not hairs) within one year after treatment is guaranteed as well.
  • If in the first year there is less than 90% growth, the non-successful grafts can be re-performed for free or, if additional treatment is not possible because of medical conditions, then the price of the non-successful grafts is completely refunded.
  • Hair transplanted from an area without hair loss (neither at the time of the procedure nor in the future) is will not suffer from hair loss. That is why we can give a lifetime guarantee on the growth of transplanted hair, with the exception of an illness.