The clinic and why we are unique

The HHH Natural Hair Transplant Clinic of Dr. Viroj Vong is a hair center located in Thailand. It is equipped with the most modern equipment. It is a leading institution with an international reputation that specializes in solving hair loss problems. Dr. Vong and his team have almost 30 years of experience in the field

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Hair Transplantation Lichen Planopilaris after Hair transplantation: Donovan,J. J Dermatol Surg. 2012 After Hair Transplant show poor grow. He exam the skin and show  perifollicular erythrema,scale, scalp erythema. Skin biopsy show Lichen planopilaris. Even the scalp is free of disease before operation. Lichen plannopilaris can develop after trauma  so called Koebner phenomenon. Also psoriasis can develop after trauma

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