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The clinic and why we are unique

The HHH Natural Hair Transplant Clinic of Dr. Viroj Vong is a hair center located in Thailand. It is equipped with the most modern equipment. It is a leading institution with an international reputation that specializes in solving hair loss problems.

Dr. Vong and his team have almost 30 years of experience in the field of hair improvement and hair transplants at the clinic in downtown Bangkok. The center never needed to advertise and since its opening has had plenty of clients just from word-by-mouth publicity. As a result, for decades patients have made their way to the clinic not only from all over Thailand, but from all over the world. This is not surprising because at approximately $2 – $3 per graft this surgical procedure is also very affordable here.


Call today to hear how Dr. Vong and his team can help you with your hair desires! They are true hair virtuosos, exercising their profession for both men and women with commitment and creativity. Every day the highest quality hair cosmetic craftsmanship and hair transplants are performed here. The clinic is easily accessible via the subway or by taxi. Every taxi driver will bring you there trouble free from the airport or from your hotel. And do not forget, Bangkok is a fascinating and vibrant city with many temples and at short distance from beautiful, rural landscapes with sunny beaches and beautiful hillsides.

Dr. Viroj Vong, physician / researcher

Surgeon/researcher Dr. Viroj Vong is a member of the prestigious American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is a scientist who has mastered his craft. After his medical studies he specialized in hair diseases. In collaboration with universities and medical hospitals, he developed several new methods for the treatment of hair diseases and burns. The following is a list of some of his important publications:

  1. Hair Transplant Forum International, (2008, March/April Volume 18,Number 2)
    Line Thai Micro Hairline
  2. ISHRS 15th Annual Meeting Las Vegas, (2007, September 30)
    Line Thai Micro Hairline (oral presentation)
  3. Hair Transplant Forum International, (2005, January/February Volume 15, Number 1)
    Whorl on scalp of Thai Monk and Nun
  4. Hair Transplant Forum International, (1999, November/December Volume 9,Number 6)
    Normal Hairline

Dr. Vong, developer of the Line Thai Micro Hairline, regularly gives lectures in Thailand and abroad. His so-called Line Thai Micro Hairline technique creates a hairline so natural that even hairdressers do not notice there is hair transplant!

dr.viroj vong

Dr. Vong:

”Millions of men and women experience unwanted baldness as a major problem. There might be several causes: heredity, stress, medications or scars that, for example, are a result of burns. Whatever the cause is, baldness is undesirable for many people, young and old, a psychological burden and hinders them in their social life. I feel very fortunate that I have been able in my clinic to successfully treat many people. Our treatment even comes with a warranty! A professionally conducted hair transplant can change your life and increase your self-esteem”.

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